“In the middle of the journey of our life I found myself within a dark woods where the straight way was lost.” ― Dante AlighieriInferno

Do you find yourself feeling stuck in your personal life? Or perhaps you need help getting your company or organization back on track?

Such situations may feel impossible to overcome, but C3 can help you change obstacles into opportunities. Times of uncertainty and chaos always contain hidden within them critical moments of unparalleled opportunity.

The Kairos Perspective

This unique perspective is best expressed by the word Kairos which refers to a certain quality of time when things are just right for change. C3 combines this perspective with years of experience in aerospace engineering, organizational consulting, and personal coaching, to help you turn potential disaster to your advantage.

Our Cutting-Edge Strategy

The magic is in the people! At C3, we know that people, not numbers, make the difference! Our approach draws from systems thinking, Jungian depth psychology, complexity science and emergence, and shamanic principles to help you address your complex business and personal challenges.

Targeted Transformation

Transformation means more than fixing a problem, it means evolving the overall enterprise to a system that is more sustainable, profitable and fun! Here’s our whole systems focus in a nutshell:

  • Strategy development: Future studies, foresight, anticipating the needs of the future workplace including employee engagement, diversity
  • Relationship development: Conflict resolution, relationship building and dynamics, valuing differences through typology
  • Change – Transition – Transformation: Understanding the patterns of change and transformation, recognizing the right actions associated with each stage, and optimizing opportunities available only during periods of uncertainty and chaos.

There are exciting things happening at C3! Later this year Dr. Cavalli will be co-hosting a webinar – follow the link to learn more!