About Dr. Cavalli

Dr. Cavalli founded C3 to help individuals and organizations better understand and navigate the challenging cycles of uncertainty and transformation.

Born in India and educated in the United States, Dr. Cavalli’s background is an eclectic blend of education and experience including a Ph.D. in human systems and organizational development,  MBA, and B.S. in physics; three decades in aerospace as a systems engineer and project manager; and additional background in Jungian psychology, mythology, and shamanism.

Dr. Cavalli enjoys providing leadership coaching to corporate executives, offering systems and complexity workshops to groups, and guiding individuals through the uncertain passages of life using dreams, synchronicity, stories, and mythology. She is passionate about achieving global transformation through personal inner work.

Photo by Julie Diebolt-Price

Photo by Julie Diebolt-Price

Listen to Dr. Cavalli describe synchronicity

Video by Julie Diebolt-Price