What We Do

Cynthia Cavalli Consulting (C3) was formed to address a variety of challenges faced by businesses and organizations undergoing periods of uncertainty or radical change. Our goal is to help you navigate these dynamics of uncertainty and change successfully.

We work with you to utilize the creative potential available only through times of uncertainty, and help you unleash powerful capabilities and benefits that are typically invisible to traditional approaches.

We currently provide assistance in the following areas:

  • Strategic development – futures planning – road-mapping
  • Knowledge management and tacit knowledge capability development
  • Employee development strategies
  • Life transition navigation and individual life coaching
  • Navigating change, uncertainty, and chaos

Contact us to arrange a free 30 minute, initial, no-obligation consultation to see how YOU can benefit from our services!

How We Do It

We start with a collaborative evaluation of your situation, challenges, capabilities, and goals.

We draw from a diverse array of disciplines, experience, and research (systems thinking, futures forecasting, complexity science, Jungian psychology) and work with you to design, develop, and implement whole system solutions.

Together we develop tools unique to your situation to help you navigate critical or chaotic transitions and attain optimum benefit for your business and employees. These tools will continue to serve you throughout your project’s life cycle even after stability and goal completion have been achieved!

Dr. Cavalli also has a network of colleagues in aerospace, futures and forecasting, healthcare, psychotherapy, Jungian analysis, shamanic healing, and other areas of expertise who can be brought on board to assist in resolving a wide range of challenges.

Please let us know how we can serve you!